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BTOBA FAMILY PROTECTION PLAN BENEFITS The Bridge & Tunnel Officers Benevolent Inc. Family Protection Plan is dedicated to improving the health and welfare of our members. We are available to answer your questions via telephone: (718) 727-7621, Fax: (718) 727-7619,
or We offer a comprehensive plan covering prescription drugs, life insurance, dental coverage, optical coverage, short term disability coverage and a pre-paid legal plan.
Medical coverage (Empire Plan and H.I.P.) is administered by TBTA. For questions regarding those plans please call Mr. Frank Ronci at (646) 252-7935,or Ms. Barbara Martin at (646) 252-7934. The Empire Plan and H.I.P. also offer information online at EMPIRE PLAN LINK, personalized MY UNITED HEALTHCARE .COM or HIP PLAN LINK.
The following information is meant solely as a quick guide or outline of the Members Benefits for the Bridge & Tunnel Officers Benevolent Association Inc., Family Protection Plan. It is not to be construed in any way as a complete description of the Plan or its requirements. A complete copy of the Plan is distributed periodically to all Members. If you would like a copy please contact the Office at or telephone (718) 727-7621.

The plan includes: an eye exam and one pair of eyeglasses (or contact lenses) every two years for. Eye disease and disorder tests (i.e., glaucoma) are covered exams. If you use a VISION SCREENING CENTER there is no cash outlay on your part up to the allowable amount. ($80 for normal corrective eyeglasses and $125 for bifocal eyeglasses.) You get the most comprehensive optical benefit when you use a VISION SCREENING CENTER. For the name and location of a participating VISION SCREENING CENTER nearest you click here: PARTICIPATING PROVIDERS MORE PARTICIPATING PROVIDERS Alternately, you may use any optical provider of your choice, pay in full and attach an itemized bill to the OPTICAL REIMBURSEMENT FORM and submit it to the Union Office for the rates described above. Need a reimbursement form? Download an Optical Reimbursement Form
LIFE INSURANCE Life Insurance for active members is:
$30,000 paid to named beneficiary upon members death.
$30,000 paid additionally for accidental death. Total accidental death $60,000.
$5,000 burial assistance is paid to a member for a deceased spouse.
$2,000 burial assistance is paid to a member for deceased children over age 14 days and less than 19 years.
Retiree Life Insurance is:
Employee retires prior to age 62 = $10,000
Employees who retire on or after age 62 = $5,000.
*NOTE: It is very important for all members to keep their named beneficiaries current. If you have forgotten your choice of beneficiary, just call the Office for an update or click here to print out a new beneficiary form: Download a Beneficiary Form
PRESCRIPTION PLAN Members can save money by using a participating pharmacy that accepts HEALTHCARD for prescriptions up to a 21 day supply. Members pay a 20% co-payment for generic drugs (and name brands without a generic equivalent), or 20% co-payment plus the difference in cost between generic and name brand drugs for drugs with a generic equivalent. Members must satisfy an annual deductible beginning every July 1st to be eligible for the 20% co-payment.
NOTE* Member who are IOD must submit all prescriptions related to the IOD to Worker's Compensation not to HEALTHCARD!
Active Members: $50 per person for a maximum of 3 per family.
Retirees: $125 per person for a maximum of 3 per family.
Call HEALTHCARD at 1-800-645-3332 for a list of participating pharmacies in your area. Reimbursement forms (often at greater cost to you) are available fron the Union Office for non-particpating pharmacies. Any maintenance prescription (over a 21 day supply) must be filled by the EXPRESS PHARMACY MAIL ORDER PLAN. Call 1-800-222-3383 for mail order prescriptions or order refills online at Order Online Prescription Refills * Please note that prescription coverage is limited to members, their spouses and their children under the age of 19!
DENTAL PLAN Members have a choice of 3 DENTAL PLANS.
1) HEALTHPLEX - is a no-cash outlay plan for covered services (Except $50 per cap or crown) Members must select one of the coded participating dental sites. Participating dentists may charge for "cosmetic" dental work (i.e., bonding, caps, posts etc. Please discuss these charges with your dentist before work begins.
2) AMI DENTAL CENTERS PLAN A - Coverage is provided with no out-of-pocket expense. Members in Plan A are fully covered and must use American Dental Centers ONLY.
3) AMI PLAN B Supplemental Reimbursement - Members use any dentist of their choice, pay your bill in full and send a completed dental claim form for reimbursement with the Schedule of Allowance set for the plan. *Note: Reimbursement will cover only a portion of your costs. You are responsible for paying your dentist in full in with AMI PLAN B.
Any member may change their dental plan only during the months of January and July. Members in HEALTHPLEX may however change participating providers within the plan at any time. AMERICAN DENTAL PLAN A CENTER LOCATIONS
SHORT TERM DISABILITY Members are paid a maximum weekly benefit of $200 from the plan when unable to work due to a non-work related illness or injury and you are not receiving any salary from the employer. All sick leave must be used up and there is a 28 day waiting period. Then you will be paid from day 29 through day 150. After day 150, if applicable TBTA pays long term disability of 70% of base salary, Short term disability absences must be non-I.O.D. and the absences must be under a doctor's care.
This guide is copyright 2000 Bridge & Tunnel Officers Benevolent Association Inc., Family Protection Plan. All rights reserved. Reproduction without the express written consent of the BTOBA FPP is prohibited.
Anthony Florio, Chairman & Administrator
Joseph Mauro, Co-Chairman
Greg Lombardi, Treasurer & Co-Administrator
Laurence J. Levine, Co-Administrator
Peter Ventrice, Co-Administrator
Charles Bishop Co-Administrator
Trustees and Members of the Board. All registered at 1140 Bay Street Staten Island, New York 10305 as "plan trustees." Plan Certified Public accountant is Michael R. McGovern.
LEGAL SERVICES Bridge & Tunnel Officers are represented by The Law Offices of Stuart Salles Esq.
267 Broadway
New York, New York 10007
(212) 267-9090
The pre-paid legal services are:
1) Civil Actions - Complete representation of any BTO who is being sued civily for any actions taken on the job wherein the Officer is being sued civily in any court of the State of New York.
Representation is without fee through trial.
2) Real Estate Closings - You will be represented for any purchase or sale of your primary residential property in ther metropolitan area.
3) Matrimonial - You will be represented for any proceedings, divorce, separation or annulment up to an uncontested trial of any action.
4) Last Will & Testament - Preparation of Last Will & Testament in the metropolitan area.
5) Name Changes - New York & New Jersey only.
6) Adoption - for a members in adoption proceedings wherein the member is the adoptive parent. New York & New Jersey only.
7) Arraignments - An attorney will be provided to assist at the criminal arraignments of any member for any on or off-duty arrest.
8) Bankruptcy Proceedings - Provided for all members.
9) Personal Injury Actions - If a valid personal injury case, at the firm's option, represent a member at a contingent fee of 28% if there are no conflicts of interest.
All original material copyright 2001 Bridge & Tunnel Officers Family Protection Plan Inc. Reproduction without express written permission is prohibited.
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